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Thank you for visiting our www.ekidsrooms.com, a Bunk Bed Guru LLC company.
Because our store is this website, we do all that we can to make sure that all of the representations of the products that we sell are presented as they are, and the information provided is accurate, as is the pricing, and shipping costs, but we are not responsible for any errors or omissions that may be found or missing from the website. We update, add to, and remove items and descriptions monthly, and prices can change daily, so with all these modifications it is possible that errors can occur.

Colors - All of the products that we sell are professionally shot in order to present them as they are in real life, however, depending on the phone, tablet or computer you are using the image may appear slightly different than the product in person. If you are trying to match existing furniture, you may want to buy locally as wood can hold stain and paint very differently depending on the type of wood and finish. You can request wood samples for free; just email us the color of the product you are curious about and include you full name address and phone number and we will pop a small piece of wood in the mail for free!

Pricing - We strive to be competitive online so we shop our competition regularly, with this in mind our price can vary from week to week. Because all price changes are done by humans, there is the possibility of human error; if a price is entered incorrectly and is purchased we will notify the customer, and allow them to pay the correct price, or the order will be cancelled and a refund will be issued.

Inventory - Inventory levels are checked every week and we try to never run out of stock. Because our website is open 24-7 it is possible to order an item and that item is out of stock. If a customer purchases an out of stock item, we can either HOLD the order open until the NEW stock arrives, or change the color or item orders, or we can refund the entire order. Shipping a partial orders is not always an option, but we want happy customers so in some cases we may offer incentives to wait, or change the order in part or entirely.

Accuracy - Please make sure when you are purchasing your items that you double check both the room and the item you are purchasing. If you order a TWIN bed but wanted a FULL bed there is no simple exchange that we can do. Remember in many cases these beds ship from Florida across the country, so shipping costs would have to be paid for any customer ordering error that was made by the customer. It is often easier and more cost effective, especially for WEST coast deliveries, to simply sell the bed locally and then buy the correct size if you made a mistake.

Shipping - We ship fast, this means that ALL orders are processed the minute you place your order online. Your credit card or pay pal account will be processed that day, and the money moved into our account the next day. The order will then be palletized, and depending on your shipping selection, most orders go out in 2-3 business days. Orders can be delayed if your billing address does not match your shipping address (ID verify may be required ), or if a payment method like Pay Pal eCheck is used. NO order will ship without full payment and all fraud verifications have been provided and approved, if requested.

Agreements & Contracts - Once you have placed your order online or by phone, this contract is complete and agreed to by both parties, and subject to all the terms below. Both parties agree to all terms provided herein, including cancellation fees and shipping charges. Ignoring phone calls or emails will not exempt any party from their obligations. Once orders have shipped, they cannot be cancelled or exchanged for free, and all return freight and restocking fees will apply. Buyers can cancel any order within 24 hours of placing that order for FREE by emailing us directly with that request. You must include the order number, name, address, and amount of purchase so that we can match the request with the order.

Refunds - Orders cancelled the same day often can be VOIDED. This means the money never leaves your account and we simply VOID the transaction before the credit card companies get involved. Orders cancelled after Midnight, but within 24 hours, will still be refunded in full, but they money could take 2-5 days to be returned to the cardholder's account. This refund delay is due to your bank and the merchant services company, not a delay in refunding by www.ekidsrooms.com. Refunds for shipped orders will be refunded LESS the cost for shipping both ways, and restocking fees paid for by the customer.

Payments - We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Pay Pal. We can also accept wire transfers for Bulk Orders and money orders by mail with approval. No COD or PO or credit offered at this time. Defective payments are subject to all charges including attorneys fees and court costs as allowed by FL statute, payment in US dollars only. Shipping costs vary from state to state. Orders shipping to Florida will also have a 7% sales tax collected.

Orders Cancellations - Refused Orders, Buyers Remorse, or basically ANY order cancelled AFTER the order has shipped for any reason, will hold the customer that placed the order responsible for ALL shipping and ALL return costs as well as restocking fees. The cost to cancel shipped orders includes shipping fees both outgoing and returning PLUS a 10% cancellation fee used to cover merchant fees and restocking fees. Once we have shipped your order, it is up to you and the shipper to make sure that deliveries are scheduled and delivered. Ignoring the shipper or seller after the order has been shipped will only result in higher fees and potential storage fees that can be assessed by shipping companies. LOST or missing deliveries are rare but they can happen. If the shipper cannot find an order, then we will re-ship at no extra charge a replacement order. Delayed shipments due to broken trucks, weather delays, strikes or other shipping conflicts are not the same as LOST orders, and therefor cannot be canceled without penalty. If you are having issues with the shipping company, you can try calling them back so you can speak to a different dispatcher, or you can call or email our customer service department for assistance, but ultimately the customer and the shipper are responsible for scheduling delivery times and days. Refused orders or missed delivery appointments by the customer can result in a re-delivery charge, these charges must be collected before the shipper will re-deliver. Daily storage fees can also be assessed by the shipper if a customer is refusing to schedule delivery appointments or avoiding calls and emails. In order to avoid accruing a charge at anytime we can decide that we are simply going to stop the charges and return the order AT CUSTOMER EXPENSE to our warehouse. At that time customers will be refunded less the costs of shipping and any other fees or charges. Delays cause by wrong phone numbers, full or non-working voice mails may also be cancelled at buyer's expense. Delayed orders for any reason is not a valid reason for cancelling any order.

Damaged Deliveries - We do all we can do to protect your order, but we are not the shipping company, so once the order leaves our warehouse, the order is in the shipping companies hands. In the outside chance that you order is damaged, DO NOT REFUSE the delivery. Simply notate on the Bill Of Lading that you are accepting the order with “Product Damage”. At this time take a picture of the delivery, and then as soon as you have time, go thru the order so you can verify in fact if there is damage to the product. If there is damage, we will need a picture of the broken part and the part number, so that we can UPS or Fedex a replacement part to you at no charge. Most orders have 5-7 boxes, so refusing an order because there is damage to 1 box or even 1 part in 1 box will ADD time to the Part replacement process. It is our policy that we will replace for FREE broken or missing parts. This does not mean that we will replace your entire order, just the broken or missing part(s) which is why it is important to accept the entire order, even the box that has damage. Refused orders will take longer to fix, and www.ekidsrooms.com has the right to CURE these issues however we feel is best, either by issuing a refund, discount to keep the order as is, send touch up kits or send replacement parts. Often we will present 2-3 solutions and allow the customer to pick what solution works best for them and their families. Damaged parts are never returned, but we suggest that you never toss out anything until after replacement parts arrive. We will do all we can to FIX the damages in a timely manner but we cannot overnight parts. Parts that are NOT broken but have knots or blemishes dues to a natural wood product can be replaced, but are not treated the same as an actual damaged parts, so it is possible you may pay for parts in these cases. Products would be provided and shipped once the funds were collected. For the fastest parts processing, email communication is the best, as all correspondence should be in writing to protect both parties. Parts ship one time for FREE, so please make sure to include ALL missing or broken parts in 1 email.

Deliveries - All deliveries are done by scheduled appointment. The shipper will call the customer in advance to schedule the delivery time and date; customers can also call the shipping company once the delivery is in their state should they want to be proactive. Shipping emails will be sent once the order has been shipped. In some instances the shipping email may not be emailed until the next business day. Just because you have not received a shipping and tracking email does NOT mean that you order has not yet shipped. Often shipping emails will go into a junk or spam folder or if there was a typo when the order was placed, the shipping email could be completely wrong. This is not a valid reason, nor does it waive the customers responsibilities for cancelation. You can request an ON or AFTER delivery date, but the actual delivery day cannot be pre-set by www.ekidsrooms.com and you must schedule you precise delivery appointment with the shipper directly. There are no guaranteed delivery dates or times, trucks do break down and weather can also hinder deliveries. All deliveries are done during business days Monday - Friday and during standard business hours 9:00 - 5:00pm. Please do not wait until after hours if you are having shipping or delivery issues. If a shipper is running late, call them directly to get updated and to make sure that they know you are still home and available for delivery. Most deliveries are done by 18 wheel semi trucks so they will not leave the main public streets, they will not drive on dirt or gravel roads, and they cannot fit under older or lowered covered bridges. If you have any of these issues, then you may need to meet the shipper a near by or safe location or even at the shipping terminal. We cannot delivery to islands or gated areas that do not allow trucks. It is up to the customer placing the order to inform us of potential issues before the order ships. Shipping issues mentioned after orders have shipped, are the burden of the buyer and the cancellation rules will apply if the shipping address is undeliverable. Should you select upgraded delivery options, those extras will be paid for in advance to www.ekidsrooms.com and we will pay the shipper. You can always tip drivers for extra services. Neither www.ekidsrooms.com or Bunk Bed Guru LLC is responsible for any personal property damage done by the shipper or the driver. Driveways and walkways must be paved, free of ice and snow, and not too steep in order for safety of the delivery drivers. Any extra services requested by customer must be paid for before delivery, or that service will not be provided. Please report any freight damage within 48 hours of delivery and notate on the BOL. Failure to be present for delivery will result in re-delivery charges, and the failure to accept your order could result in shipping storage charges and/or the forced cancellation of delivery under the customer buyers remorse policy, and the entire order could be return to the original shipping warehouse at customer expense.

Limited Time Offers and Special Promotions - All sales, special offers, and limited time promotions are available for appointed time periods only. They cannot, and will not, be applied to sales closed before or after such time periods.

International Shipments -
eKidsRooms.com does not offer overseas deliveries (including Alaska, Hawaii and international orders); however, if a customer chooses to use a freight forwarder all deliveries will be delivered in "AS IS” condition. Any parts missing or broken can be purchased at our cost, but customer would also have to cover the shipping cost for parts to out of country and overseas deliveries. The customer is responsible for making arrangements to get the merchandise from that port to its final destination. Any holiday specials or free giveaways are while supplies last, and all price match requests must be done before placing your order. All coupon codes must be presented before orders are place to verify authenticity. Advertised prices from other websites or even coupon codes from 3rd party companies may not be honored, always check before placing your order.

Manufacturer's Warranties - A warranty, If any, is the warranty provided by the manufacturer, which is generally limited to defects in materials and workmanship. Variations in wood grain, knots, texture, open knots and grain, color variation, panel shifting, random patterns, bleeding, dark end grain and other natural occurring characteristics of wood are not considered defects. All of these are part of the natural beauty that is real wood furniture. If you want more information on the material type that you have selected please consult a member of our staff. In many cases more than one material type is available for the same item. A copy of a particular product's warranty is available from us upon request and may be included with your order.

You can email us directly at sales@ekidsrooms.com with any other questions. THANK YOU.