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Trundle Day Beds for Kids

A Pull-Out Drawer for Easy Accessibility

Looking for a kid's bed that is perfect for sharing rooms, maximizing space, or hosting overnight slumber parties? Trundle beds are the ideal option.Trundle beds are a great way to add a bed to a bedroom with limited space. At eKids rooms, we have a wide collection of trundle beds for kids and other children's bed furniture for sale.

What are trundle beds? In short, trundle beds are a two-in-one bed. This means they provide space for two but occupy the space of one! Trundle beds are ideal for saving space in kids rooms and are a great bedding option for multi-child rooms. Many families find that trundle beds are the way to go if your children share a room of if you have a guest room. Trundle beds can be pulled out when they are needed, and neatly tucked away after use. Great for any décor, trundle beds can be added under bunk beds, daybeds, and captain’s beds. These beds are functional and come in a variety of styles to complement the child’s bed and other bedroom sets.

The trundle bed is one of the most popular beds for smaller rooms, including children’s rooms and those occupied by adults. The trundle bed features a wide pullout drawer that with a mattress for guests. Because of its ability to promote efficient use of space and high levels of cleanliness, the trundle bed should be a no-brainer for many families that are low on space.