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Kids Captain’s Beds & Kids Beds with Storage

A Two-In-One-Bed: Perfect For Sleepovers and Saving Space

Are you looking for a space saving kids bed to maximize the floor in your child's room? Have you forgotten what the floor of your child’s bedroom looks like? For a practical and stylish element to your child’s bedroom, a kid’s captain’s bed is a great idea!

What are captain's beds? Captain beds combine storage into the bed's structure and aim to serve the purpose of maximizing space in a kid's room. Additionally, these kids beds help keep the room tidy. Store children's clothes, games, toys, movies, books, and more in your extra storage in your captain's bed. They are perfect for shared bedrooms, homes with limited space, or extra organizational space. At eKids Rooms, we offer both full captain’s beds and twin captain’s beds that you and your child will love. Having a kid’s bed with drawers can be a true blessing for parents everywhere!